Heroes Heroes

Heroes has lost two of its own - from behind the scenes.

Co-executive producers and writers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb, who have been with the show since its 2006 inception, were fired due to creative differences, Variety reports.

NBC brass is reportedly unhappy with the series' direction (lest we forget, this is the season of "Villains") and the frequent overruns on Heroes' already large $4 million-per-episode budget.

The double axing is the latest blow to the once white-hot drama as it finds itself struggling with tepid ratings and fielding grievances from critics and fans alike this season.

Alexander and Loeb were the right-hand men to creator/executive producer Tim Kring. It is unknown if they will be replaced.

What do you think of this major shakeup? Is it all downhill from here for the show, or can it start anew?