Tawny Cypress courtesy Lifetime Tawny Cypress courtesy Lifetime

Brenda, we hardly knew you. Pamela's journalist pal concludes her two-episode tour of duty with Lifetime's Army Wives (Sundays at 10 pm/ET), but that doesn't necessarily mean we've seen the last of Tawny Cypress. "The [writers] have left it open-ended," she reports. "We'll see what the audience thinks of the character and we'll take it from there." One thing is certain: opinions are likely to be strong after tonight's unexpected turn of events. - Megan Walsh-Boyle

TV Guide: Talk about landing the role of Brenda.
Tawny Cypress:
It was one audition and then a phone call that they'd like to use me, which was really fantastic because it's a part I haven't done before onscreen. She's an intelligent girlshe's a reporter for the post newspaper and she starts up a friendship with Pamela [Brigid Brannagh]. Things get a little dicey for them [ Laughs] - without giving away too much. I'm not going to get into the details of it, because you guys are just going to have to watch it, but fans of mine are going to be surprised by this character.

TV Guide: What was it like acting on this female-centric series?
Coming off of K-Ville, where it [was] all men and me, it was a real change working will all these women - it was really a cool hang. I got to hang out with some cool people for a few weeks there. In fact, Brigid actually did a guest spot on K-Ville, so she came and did my show and now I'm doing her show, so it has come full circle.

TV Guide: Can you spill any details about this Sunday's episode?
[It's] the one to watch [ Laughs]the friendship takes a turn and that's the interesting part. I play a pretty aggressive girl - it's going to be a fun romp.

TV Guide: What else have you been working on?
I just wrapped a movie called Brooklyn's Finest. [ Training Day director] Anton Fuqua is doing itand I get to play Don Cheadle's wife! I work with the amazingly great Don Cheadle, so it's going to be an awesome thing and it comes out in 2009.

TV Guide: How did you feel about Simone's demise on Heroes?
I was totally heartbroken - it crushed me. [But] it's Heroes, so you never know what's going to happen in the future. Without saying too muchyou could turn on your TV and see [Simone] again. [ Laughs]