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Being in a relationship with the roommate of your best friend, with whom you also have a past, can be complicated — especially when there are unresolved feelings. While Hellcats' Dan Patch is dating peppy cheerleading captain Savannah (Ashley Tisdale), it may not compare to his longtime friend and first love, Marti (Aly Michalka). Star Matt Barr tells TVGuide.com he's personally torn between which way his character should go, but that Patch will make a decision soon that he calls "radical."

TVGuide.com: Marti and Savannah are opposites. Talk about his feelings for one vs. the other.
Matt Barr:
Dan feels this destiny with Marti and it runs deep because time does that. No matter where you go in life or how you change, a soul mate is a soul mate and he knows that with Marti. Savannah is so different and she challenges him in certain ways. She's helping Dan grow and evolve and it's funny he's become more vulnerable since meeting Savannah. So I think he's stuck between what his destiny is supposed to be and where this new journey can take him.

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Will the love triangle be resolved?
I would say it's resolved in a short-term kind of way, but there are larger issues. Dan and Marti let their instincts get the best of them and Savannah inevitably finds out. Dan's forced with a tough choice. He's a pretty direct guy, he's authentic, he wants to do the right thing and he makes a tough choice and does something kind of radical.

TVGuide.com: Will we learn more about Dan and Marti's past?
Barr: Dan and Marti slept together, but there's something else that haunts their history together and created a rift between them for several years of their youth. I think it's the reason they both have a bit of armor put up around each other. That's going to come out pretty soon and it helps us understand why their dynamic is the way it is, maybe why either they are, or aren't, meant to be, and why maybe Savannah might be a perfect fit for Dan.

TVGuide.com: Who do you think Dan should be with?
I'm torn. I feel like you can't deny your natural destiny, but there's something so perfect about the way Dan and Savannah complement each other. I personally like their dynamic and how they interact. I can imagine their lives and their kids.

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TVGuide.com: Will Savannah and Marti's relationship be ruined by this?
They obviously take it really personally, but sometimes challenges bring us together, they make us stronger, and I think that's going to happen with Savannah and Marti. As this tears them apart, they can inevitably drift away forever or can come back stronger than ever. I don't exactly know how it's going to be resolved, but I hope they're able to reconcile and become stronger teammates and friends.

TVGuide.com: What can you tease about next week's episode, directed by Debbie Allen?
Barr: We have some high-concept dance stuff, and this is crazy: Dan actually dances in this one! There's some dream sequence where I'm doing the mambo, baby. I was terrified and I was absolutely mortified because everyone else is a triple threat. Ashley and Aly have dance backgrounds, they're such pros, and I'm such a novice, but Debbie was a great teacher and she's such a master at her craft. I'm glad everyone's patient because that's what I needed.

Hellcats airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CW.