Say a little prayer for Michael Pitt. The baby-faced 20-year-old gives a killer performance in Kids director Larry Clark's new drama, Bully (in theaters now), and rocks as the opportunistic love interest of the transsexual title character in John Cameron Mitchell's raucous musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch (opening Friday). But while his name becomes known in more households daily, all he wants is to be... anonymous.

"I'm more interested in doing good work than in being famous," the New Jersey native tells TV Guide Online. "The little touch of fame that I have had has been, for the most part, inconvenient. Being a fly on the wall and observing behavioral things is how I study primarily, and you can't really watch people when they're watching you."

Though the reluctant heartthrob considers his high profile a handicap, he does recognize, at least, that it has allowed him to begin choosing projects that raise his pulse instead of just his bank balance. "I did Dawson's Creek because I needed to," explains Michelle Williams's former small-screen suitor. "I was hungry."

Henceforth, Pitt hopes to feed only his appetite for more adventurous material — like, for instance, Hedwig. "I wanted to do it so bad," he remembers. In fact, after attending the Off-Broadway production during his auditions... "I wanted to see it again the next night. I even said I'd usher."

With that kind of determination, Pitt may be beyond even heaven's help. Perhaps the time has come for him to invest in a good pair of dark sunglasses.