Anne Heche broke her silence on Friday regarding her split from Ellen DeGeneres. The actress, appearing at the Beverly Hills Hilton to accept a Lucy award for directing a segment of HBO's

If These Walls Could Talk 2, initially stumbled over her former partner's name, Reuters reports. "It means so much to me to be able to have Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGen..." Heche said, before placing her hands over her face and adding, "Shake it out, baby!" With Stone — who co-starred in the Walls segment with DeGeneres — appearing by her side, Heche pulled herself together and continued: "No matter what you've heard. I love Ellen DeGeneres. She is a genius.... She is a marvelous woman so dear to my life and I love her." The couple announced their breakup Aug. 19, the same weekend Heche was admiited into a Fresno, CA, hospital after wandering to a stranger's home in a disoriented state. Prior to accepting the Lucy award, Heche told Inside Edition, "A breakup is an unfortunate thing in people's lives but we go on and hope for a happier place."