Denzel Washington is lending some credence to the theory that Anne Heche's bizarre episode last month may have been brought on by sunstroke. But the Oscar winner — who has been in Toronto filming

John Q with Heche — says that Ellen DeGeneres's former girlfriend was in fighting form when she showed up for work just days after wandering to a stranger's home in Central California talking about God and spaceships. "She was great," Washington says of his co-star. "This was right on the heels of all that stuff. She seemed all right to me. She was [sun]burned, though. I guess she really was wandering around in the woods or whatever. She had real bad burns on her shoulders and arms and stuff." Heche's August 19 spell, which landed her in the hospital, coincided with the end of her three-and-a-half year romance with DeGeneres. At the time, sources said that her behavior was consistent with an ectasy overdose.