But seriously, Ledger, whose career got a major boost with last summer's Gibson-starring epic The Patriot, insists that it was never his decision to become a major celeb. "I've always been an actor — I'm being created into a star," says the 22-year-old thesp. "That's the studio's decision."

Another mandate from Columbia suits: Ledger was not allowed to engage in combat for his role as a medieval jouster in A Knight's Tale. "I didn't get hit," he admits. "They wouldn't let me ride a bicycle — insurance-wise — let alone get hit by a guy charging at me in armor."

Tale still claimed its share of casualties — only the mishaps occurred after filming wrapped. While demonstrating a combat move during post-production, Ledger accidentally knocked out director Brian Helgeland's front tooth. And if that wasn't enough, "My knee was busted because I slipped like an idiot in the editing lounge," marvels Ledger. "I was sliding on the floor and went up in the air and landed on my knee. I could barely walk."

These days, the 10 Things I Hate About You star is keeping himself grounded, despite his newfound fame. What's his secret? "You don't believe anything you read — good or bad," he offers. "Especially good."