Hawaii Five-0 Hawaii Five-0

Say aloha to stunts: Hawaii Five-0 is pulling out all the stops this week.

First, during its normal Monday airing (10/9c, CBS), the cop drama will attempt something new for prime-time television: The show will allow viewers to choose the culprit in real time, thus deciding the ending of the show.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov gives credit to one of his actors for inspiring the idea. "It really started with Masi Oka, who called me up pitching an episode with multiple endings," Lenkov tells TVGuide.com. "When I talked to CBS, they already had a similar idea in the works —they had the technology to do it, and they were just deciding which show to do it with. When I brought up the idea, they saw it as perfect timing."

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"The music really lends itself to the particular episode," Lenkov says. "It's a high-energy episode, so a lot of the guitar licks and the solos really sound like Jimi scored the episode for us. It's an event episode. It's very big, and when I started playing tracks against the picture, it felt like a great marriage."

As for Chin, the mystery of why he ended up in prison harkens back to his past mistakes. "We really wanted to put him in a situation where he'd have to face his sins," Lenkov says. "Chin Ho was considered a dirty cop, so we put him in a situation where some people feel he belongs in prison. There are people who want to kill him because he put them in there. We're playing with scenes of retribution and revenge. It's life or death and it's a really good ride."

And during his time inside, Chin, whose wife was murdered in the season premiere, has to protect a woman he meets (guest star Lindsay Price). Sparks may fly, but Lenkov says their encounter is significant on multiple levels.

"Anytime you go through a traumatic experience with someone, there is definitely a connection with them," he says. "There's chemistry between those two, but it's not sexual or romantic. It's just them needing each other in the face of adversity and the danger their both thrown into. I think you'll see at the end of the episode that what is there between those two is hope. For Chin Ho, maybe a little bit of that cloud is lifted. You're going to leave that episode thinking, 'I would like to see more of them.' That's the goal: Would you like to see Chin Ho happy again?"

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