Survivor winner Richard Hatch has a shocking confession to make: He was sexually abused twice during his troubled childhood in Newport, RI.

"I was molested when I was eight," the 39-year-old instant-celebrity reveals to The Advocate. "Some neighborhood kids stuffed chestnuts up my butt. I was molested again when I was 10 at the beach."

Hatch, who's become a household name since taking home Survivor's $1 million grand prize, says he has no animosity or enmity toward the kid behind the chestnuts incident. "I feel sorry for him; he is a sad and unhappy character," he says. "It was a horrible experience, and it was painful, but I blocked it out."

The openly-gay Hatch also reveals to the magazine that he always knew about his sexual orientation, but that he didn't feel comfortable coming out until he reached his 20s. "Growing up gay in an environment where people were homophobic and bigoted actually got me to where I am, and I recognize that I am really great," he says. "I'd be missing the point if I were bitter."

And it turns out that Hatch's proclivity for parading around in the buff dates back to his first sexual encounter with a woman. "I remember being so damn excited that I'd just done it that when we were done, I was buck naked and walked her downstairs from the fourth floor of a coed dorm and took her to her car," he recalls. "And then I walked back up the stairs saying, 'I did it, I did it, I did it.' Oh my."