When actor Daniel Radcliffe learned he'd been cast as the title magician in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (opening Friday), he literally cried. Marvels the chatty 12-year-old: "I was sitting in the bath and my dad came up and told me, and I just sat there for a while. And then, I just started to cry. Then, I woke up at 2 a.m. and thought it was a dream!"

The youngster — who made his big-screen debut as Geoffrey Rush's son in The Tailor of Panama — also got pretty emotional when he finally screened Potter for the first time. "Again, I was speechless, and again, I cried," he admits, then quickly adds: "But I'm not a wimp! Don't let this mislead you."

Hardly a shrinking violet, Radcliffe proved quite the setside prankster during filming. "I went to the makeup bus [where] they have these steel steps outside — and I whacked them very hard with my hand to make it seem like I'd fallen," he proudly recalls. "And I rushed [in] and started to spit up all this fake blood on the floor! If [producer] David Heymen had been in there at the time, I think he may have died."