Halle Berry says one of the hardest parts of being involved in her hit-and-run car accident last February was becoming the butt of one of Billy Crystal's Oscar-night jokes.

"I was sitting there crying, like, they're making a joke and this is my life and I didn't do it," the X-Men star tells InStyle. "The next day I talked to Warren [Beatty]. He and I have stayed really good friends since Bulworth. I said, 'Did you hear that terrible thing he said about me last night? And he goes, 'I was there, yeah, I heard it.' And I say, 'That was awful, wasn't it?' And he says, 'No, Halle, all that means is you're famous. Get over it.' "

Berry may be regaining her sense of humor, but she's still troubled by her collision with motorist Heta Raythatha. After sustaining a head injury, the actress drove from the accident site to her home without alerting the police or assisting Raythatha. "There has been a lot of guilt. You think, God, I would never have wanted this to happen. Why, why, why on that night did I have to do that."

Desperate to understand her behavior, Berry "spent two months basically talking to doctors and experts. Football players get banged in the head and then go on to play a whole game because it's overlearned behavior," she explains. "Driving the two blocks to my house, that's overlearned behavior for me."

In addition to a $13,500 fine and probation, Berry was ordered to perform 200 hours of community service. "[It] is part of what I do anyway, so I'm going to treat it like my job this summer, and try to get as much out of it as I'll be giving. Resolving it this way allows me to take some responsibility. Now I can look at myself in the mirror. Nobody can say, 'She got off.' Because I didn't."