As Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP continues to burn up the charts, the controversial disc — which features anti-gay lyrics and songs about rape and throat cuttings — has set off a heated debate: Is he a musical genius, or simply a violent, hate spewing homophobe? According to Kids In The Hall alum Scott Thompson, the answer is a little of both.

"I listen to his music and I find him fascinating," the openly gay comedic actor tells TV Guide Online. "He's a really talented artist, but he's obviously very troubled."

Thompson, whose outlandish characterizations have earned him the title "Queen of Debauchery," has made a career of pushing people's buttons. Eminem's act, however, has pushed his. "At first, I ignored a lot of the [gay] bashing because when you read the lyrics, you think he must be joking," says Thompson. "But as it accumulates, you realize it can't be a joke, that there has to be something to it.

"I wonder where it's coming from and I want to help," he adds. "I guess I'm just attracted to damaged goods."

The Canadian actor, also known for his role as Brian, Hank Kingsley's gay assistant on The Larry Sanders Show, recently "reached out" to Eminem by recording "Dear Marshall," a parody of the rapper's hit single, "Stan." In the song, which Thompson recently performed during a raucous appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, he addresses the popular rapper as "Mr. I'm-Too-Hardcore-To-Come-Out-Of-The-Closet" and calls him "an 'N Sync-loving little girl."

"It's become a big hit on Napster," says Thompson, "and there's talk of making a video for it."

And what would he say to the controversial rapper if the two were to have a little heart-to-heart? Deadpans Thompson, "I'd tell him to try less drugs and more sleep."