Two Guys and a Girl star Traylor Howard reveals that she briefly pictured herself dating

Jim Carrey. But the actress — who appeared opposite the Grinch star in last summer's comedy disappointment Me, Myself & Irene — says that someone else planted the romance bug in her ear.

"Before I did the movie, my friend said he could see me and Jim going out," Howard tells the TV Guide Channel. "I'm like, 'Yeah, maybe.' [But] then there was [his Irene leading lady] Renee [Zellweger], so apparently that worked. Nothing for me."

Howard still managed to get some action with the $20 million-a-movie man. In the film, the two share a kiss. And when the cameras weren't rolling, Howard — who admits she came into the film thinking Carrey would be "really out there" — says the actor was funny, professional, yet slightly obsessive. "He'd call the director at four in the morning over, like, one line," she recalls.

Back on the small screen, Howard's Two Guys and a Girl character is adjusting to married life with new hubby, Johnny (Nathan Fillion). "We seem to be fighting a lot in the episodes," she notes. "I don't know if that happens in marriages... but then they always have us make up."

In addition to her alter ego's new domestic situation, Howard is also getting used to her changing wardrobe. "I get to wear lingerie this year," she points out. "Last week, I looked practically naked in the entire episode.

"We're not going to do that anymore," Howard adds. "My parents called me and they were like, 'You looked like you were naked.'"