I guess a reality show without drama is kind of like a Doors reunion without Jim Morrison: Neither can be taken seriously. So in an attempt to keep it Real (World), this show is exploiting J.D.'s sycophantic comments Tuesday night for some tension. Sure, he kind of dissed his mates by implying they didn't know the INXS catalog, but he's trying to be a rock star, and arrogance is as essential as drunken, incoherent mumbling. Just ask Liam Gallagher. The real question, however, is will the guys in INXS want a lead singer who's been painted as a backstabber by their own show? That doesn't really spell "comeback," does it? Anyway, on to the bottom three.

Neal, my early pick to win, is in danger of being sent home! What's with that? Looks like somebody besides Pete Townshend has tinnitus, and I reckon it could be me. Still, Neal's vicious performance of "Suicide Blonde" has frontman written all over it. Is it in tune? Who knows? I'm too mesmerized by this guy's stage presence to notice.

I'm equally hypnotized by the incandescent bull's-eye on Tara's chest. And so, apparently, is guitarist Tim Farriss, who seems dazed as he watches her put "Mystify" through its paces in an attempt to stay alive. Or maybe he's just trying to solve the mystery of why Navarro never wears a shirt?

Similarly, Jessica, seldom seems to cover up. Not that I'm complaining, but showing all that celebrity skin might work against her from time to time. But now isn't one of those times. O Ye of Little Clothes, you're nailing "Don't Change."

Decision time, and this has to be a tough choice for the boys. All three were right on tonight. But one has to goand it's Neal. Damn. I really wanted this Mick Jagger doppelganger to stick around for a while. I guess Mick was right though: You can't always get what you want.