Grey's Anatomy 
Oh no it did not end that way! Are you

not dying that Meredith and George got together?!? Absolutely the last thing I expected to happen. I thought for sure she was just going to hug him, say, "Thanks, George," and walk away, but then she took his shirt off! I'm sure the people in the next apartment heard me scream "Shut up!!" Then, after thinking about all that Meredith had just gone through, I got over my shock. But you know she's using him out of frustration, and our poor George is just going to get hurt. But hey, at least he'll get a chance to experience his obsession, especially since his "beast never sleeps." Oh, George. But let's talk about the rest of this awesome episode. So glad we finally got to meet Mark. Excellent casting, by the way I'm already loving Eric Dane. He's got a definite Scott Speedman look to him. How great for McSteamy to say to Addison exactly what we've been thinking: "He's not in love with you; he's in love with that intern." And speaking of that intern, what a wonderful moment when Meredith went to her father's doorstep after 20 years and asked him why he left. I got chills when I realized Jeff Perry was Thatcher (I'm a former Chicagoan and have been a huge fan of his since his Steppenwolf Theatre days). Then there was Cristina and Burke I loved what led to her getting rid of her apartment. She certainly shut him up at the end. And I never get bored with the patients on this show: the man with the Eric Stoltz-in-Mask face, the guy who thinks he's dying so he videotapes hate mail to his enemies and, of course, the woman experiencing spontaneous orgasms. Never a dull moment, indeed. OK, back to Meredith and George shut up!