Kevin McKidd, <I>Grey's Anatomy</i> Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

In part 2 of our video Q&A with Kevin McKidd, the Grey's Anatomy star weighs in on the last episode, in which Owen and Cristina finally hit the sheets. Why the wait? "They both know deep down that this isn't just a quickie in the on-call room," he says. "There's really something going on [between them]."

McKidd also shares his thoughts on who will and won't be getting married in the May 7 episode, then gets a good laugh from our question about the "going away party" for T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl.

Lastly, the Scotsman previews how Owen will set out to mentor Alex, only to see great potential in another aspiring surgeon — George — as the Seattle Grace staff contends with a war zone-like multiple traumas situation.

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