Grey's Anatomy Well, you learn a new word every day now I know what "priapism" means. Interesting that the guy Meredith had a one-night stand with was admitted to the hospital because his erection would not go away, but Alex had the exact opposite problem. Little did Izzie know that Alex's emotional feelings for her were what caused that since he apparently didn't have the same problem with Olivia. Of course, in true soap-opera style, Izzie just had to walk in on them. Even with a condom, what was Olivia thinking? Alex gave her syphilis  he should be off-limits. But back to Meredith, I loved when Derek found out the erection guy had just been with Meredith. The best line was right before that, when Derek entered the room: "Hello, everybody  what's up?" George's moment with Meredith sitting on the stairs was short but sweet ("not every guy's a nightmare"). Cristina freaking out that Burke gave her a key to his place cracked me up ("I am keyed up and cranky!") and Burke's face when he saw Cristina's messy apartment was even funnier. ("You still want to live together?") Speaking of freaking out, will Curtis Armstrong

ever play someone who isn't a freak? OK, maybe that's a bit harsh, but he played an annoyingly eccentric man with a tumor and no friends or family who was caught drinking out of a toilet. Not much of a stretch from Miles in Risky Business, Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, Herbert from Moonlighting and Sal the Pig-Boy from Sci Fi Channel's The Chronicle. I enjoyed the main story line about the quintuplet births better. An awesome ending to a mostly great episode.