Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers

Seattle Grace is about to get turned upside-down.

The Thursday, Feb. 2 episode of Grey's Anatomy will feature an alternate reality where Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) was never stricken with Alzheimer's, leading to a very different upbringing for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). The once dark and twisty doc is now bright and shiny. The bad news? Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Addison (Kate Walsh) are also still married.

Grey's Anatomy Scoop: MerDer happiness, a Cristina-Owen explosion and the alt-reality

What does that mean for the rest of the Seattle Grace-rs? Based on the just-released photos for the episode, there are two very unlikely pairs, two of the docs may actually have children together and a long-dead cohort is back in action. Check out the photos here to get the scoop on the alt-reality episode.

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