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Kelly Taylor definitely had her share of men during her original 90210 days. There was Dylan, Brandon, Colin, Matt — she even dated Steve in the early years. But one of her short-lived ex's, Jake Hanson (played by Grant Show), may be making a return to the 90210 reboot for a long-overdue reunion.

In a recent interview with E! Online, Show said he would be open to making a return to the CW's 90210 or in the upcoming Melrose Place 2.0. But should he choose to go down that path, he would have a few stipulations involved in resurrecting his blue-collared, biker character.

Show explained he would have to rekindle his whirlwind romance with Kelly. "That would be the only angle that would be really interesting," said Show. "They never really explored that in enough depth." Agreed!

Show's character, Jake, originally appeared on two episodes of 90210 as the older bad-boy who catches Kelly's eye and ultimately breaks her heart. The brief relationship between Jennie Garth and Show's characters served as the bridge for spin-off Melrose Place, and was shortly forgotten after a handful of cross-over appearances.  

Do you think Show would make a good addition to the new 90210, or should he move forward without looking back?