Aaron Tveit, Manny Montana, Daniel Sunjata Aaron Tveit, Manny Montana, Daniel Sunjata

When Aaron Tveit first signed on for USA's crime drama Graceland, he thought he was going to play the hero. He was in for a big surprise.

"On paper, I thought Mike would be the good guy and Briggs would be the bad guy," Tveit tells TVGuide.com. "But ... a lot of people root for Briggs. Even though he was the one really going outside of the lines of the law, he was the one people were rooting for, and I was the guy that people said, 'Why are you acting like an a--hole?'"

Now going into the show's second season, premiering Wednesday at 10/9c on USA, Tveit has begun to fully embrace his inner bad boy. "Something that [creator Jeff Eastin] and I talked a lot about this year is I said to him, 'I just want Mike to be a fantastic, brilliant FBI agent. I don't care at all if he's likable,'" he says.

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