[Warning: The following contains spoilers from Monday's episode of Gotham. Read at your own risk!]

Penguin's (Robin Lord Taylor) and Nygma's (Cory Michael Smith) bromance on Gotham has reached epic heights, which is great for the fans that love them, but the worst possible news for Butch (Darren Powell).

Penguin's former right-hand man let jealousy get the best of him this week in "Mad City: Anything For You" — setting up a squad of gangsters to ambush one of Penguin's mayoral events in retaliation for Penguin picking Nygma as his Chief of Staff over Butch. The ambush had the desired effect of scaring Penguin, but it put the crime king pin and Ngyma on high alert to find out who was behind the attack.

Butch may have gotten away with it if he only had to worry about Penguin, but Nygma's forensic background helped him make quick work of figuring out what Butch was up to. He then orchestrated a plan that revealed Butch as the traitor to Penguin at the latter's inauguration party. It not only made Butch Penguin's new primary target, but it also solidified the Penguin and Nygma bromance.

Gotham: Oswald that ends well

Butch isn't officially dead, but he was taken out of Gotham Police custody at the end of the episode — which means he escaped or Penguin has him in his clutches. The predicament shows just how formidable the Penguin and Nygma team can be though. Butch is the last person you'd expect to be the first the duo would take down, but it goes to show exactly what they are capable of.

Currently, Penguin and Nygma are on the same team as Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the GCPD, which makes them good guys in a way. When the last of the Indian Hill monsters have been taken care of though, Penguin and Nygma will still hold the most powerful positions in Gotham, which will make Penguin the most powerful King of Gotham yet.

Is there anyone who could take them down?

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