Leighton Meester by Brian Ach/ WireImage.com Leighton Meester by Brian Ach/ WireImage.com

Who knew that Leighton Meester, the sexy brunette currently known as Gossip Girl's Blair, was once a blonde? But this hair-coloring chameleon is not ashamed of her roots. At a Tuesday event promoting Sunsilk hair products in Times Square, Meester announced to a mob of teenaged girls that last year she was a bona fide blondie. She then changed her look for Gossip Girl, and tags the transition as the most pivotal moment in her life. "People say blondes have more fun," the actress noted. "I really don't think it's about your hair, it's about how you feel on the inside. I say it's the person who has the fun!"

Fun is exactly what Meester is having these days, playing baddish girl Blair. "She's really dramatic and everybody thought she was a big bitch - and she is - and that's really fun to play up. But she's also helped me learn a lot about myself, because she can be really sensitive and insecure and vulnerable. That makes it such a wonderful and challenging role." - Perris Richter