Former Roseanne star John Goodman says his decision to return to the sitcom world this fall has nothing to do with any sort of master career plan.

"I don't know how to say this without making myself sound like an idiot, but I don't plan anything," says the star of the new Fox comedy Normal, Ohio (Wednesdays, 8:30pm/ET). "Whatever comes up, comes up."

Goodman says he decided to take the lead role of William "Butch" Gamble in Normal because "it was just the right place, right piece, right time." It also helped that he had worked with series creators and former Saturday Night Live writers Bonnie and Terry Turner while guest-hosting the late-night skit show.

"I like doing series TV," he adds. "It's a great place to show up for work every week and you get to work in front of an audience."

In his latest sitcom incarnation, Goodman plays a gay Midwesterner whose family isn't exactly thrilled with his lifestyle. But don't expect to see any of the traditional gay stereotypes in Goodman's portrayal. "I'm not going to do any stereotypical s---," he insists. "It just works against my grain as an actor."

"It's going to be all organic stuff and whatever comes to the fore comes to the fore," he continues. "I'm just going to play it for truth, and it's usually funnier that way."