The Good Wife The Good Wife

CBS' award-winning drama The Good Wife was the first panel to sell out at the star-heavy New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend this past Friday. One hot topic for stars Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, and executive producers Robert and Michelle King was the show's move to Sundays this season, which hasn't helped ratings. Especially frustrating was the fact that football often pushed back the start time of the drama — "Will football every end?" Baranski moaned to an appreciative female-heavy audience. 

Also up for discussion: the romance between Alicia and Will. When a fan expressed disappointment over their breakup, Charles said he believed the relationship ended "appropriately" and said he's happy about the deepening friendship between Will and both Alicia and Diane. Baranski joked that she'd like a hot young love interest, while Margulies mentioned her shock at a letter she got from a disgruntled viewer who suggested they call the show The Good Slut because of Alicia's affair. "Do they watch the show? Do they know that Peter not only slept with hookers but colleagues?" she said indignantly. (Margulies also shared that they dubbed the sex scenes 'frucks.')

The Kings revealed that both Diane and Carey (Matt Czuchry) were originally conceived to be adversaries of Alicia, but they "fell in love" with both the characters and actors and made them more likeable. That prompted a retort from Charles that they should hire more "a-holes."

As for how much longer the stories of Lockhart Gardner will continue, Robert King said each year "is another chapter in Alicia's life. We have an ending [to the series] in mind." Though they all agree they'd like to keep trying cases for years to come. Asked Baranski: "Does it ever have to end?"

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