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Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) found herself exactly where she started. On The Good Wife's season finale, she stood by during her husband's news conference as reporters, photographers and cameramen waited to see what the wife of the disgraced state's attorney would do next.

But after forging a new path for herself after her husband's scandal, she is not the same woman whom viewers met a year ago.

Can her marriage to Peter (Chris Noth) survive?

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Alicia and Peter's upcoming confrontation is a delayed one, co-creator/executive producer Robert King tells He's still in her life, and it will stay that way. What Alicia needs to figure out is whether she can love him again or live without love.

"She is sort of putting romance on the back burner and saying I'm just going to work and do what I do best," Margulies told recently at The Good Wife Season 1 DVD premiere party. "In doing that, she creates this passion again that her husband feels for her by seeing her stand up for herself constantly."

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Their marriage will continue to be fragile. Last year, she let him return home, but has yet to forgive him for his indiscretions. They've had sex — but only after she kissed law school friend-turned-boss Will (Josh Charles) — and they still sleep in separate rooms. Peter wants to change and win her back, but their relationship is bound to get further complicated by his campaign to win back his former office.

"We're really going to see different sides of Peter, where the noble man was and possibly where the noble man can return. ... On the other hand, he's also someone who finds the undertow of corruption is still in his life and still in his workday," King says, noting that Peter's campaign manager, Eli (Alan Cumming), will pull him closer to the dark side.

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As for Alicia's affection for Will? It really is about the plan more than the poetry, as she told him in the season finale. King says, "When you have true passion and true love, how do you fit that into the choices you've already made?"

No matter what turn the Alicia and Peter's relationship takes next, King says Alicia will be calling the shots — as indicated by the name of the Season 2 premiere, "Taking Control."

"The first year was Alicia trying to regain her footing after the scandal," King says. "The second year is her using the minimal amount of power she has to get control of her position in the firm, in her family and in the world in general."

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(Additional reporting by Robyn Ross)