America Ferrera America Ferrera

In another story ripped straight from the headlines, America Ferrera joins The Good Wife for an upcoming three-episode arc. Ferrera, who first appears in the 15th episode, will play a college student who is an undocumented alien and wants to become an American citizen. "She's only known America, and she may be exposed as undocumented. [The story deals with] what will that mean for her," co-creator Robert King told TV Guide Magazine at "An Evening with The Good Wife," hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Monday.

Ferrera's character will also expose a more human side to Alan Cumming's character, Eli Gold. "Eli thinks he has something he can use politically, but then he also gets mixed feelings and guilt about it, because it's based on using America Ferrera," says King. "Usually he's a gung ho, Rahm Emanuel-type who will do whatever it takes. Here he's finding that there are some questions about how far he will go with that."

Adding to the already list of impressive guest stars this season is Jerry Stiller, who will play a judge who suffers from narcolepsy — a casting coup that thrilled series star Julianna Margulies. "With Jerry Stiller, we heard whispers [that he was coming to the show], and I was like, 'What?! Jerry Stiller's going to be a judge? No way!'" she says. "He brings his own gravitas to the role."

The fact that they're attracting some heavyweights isn't escaping the cast. "Part of the success of the show are these incredible actors that we get a chance to play with," says Matt Czuchry. "You're working with some of the best in the business and that's where you want to be as an actor. I'm so grateful to be there."

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