After reviewing Paris Hilton's probation violation case, authorities on Wednesday opted to cut the socialite's date with the Los Angeles County Detention Center in half, to just 23 days - on the basis of "good behavior." Among the factors influencing the decision was Paris' prompt appearance at her latest court date. (But not, apparently, the fact that she was spied driving, still with a suspended license, after she was sentenced.)

Pending any appeal, Paris' visit to the clink - namely, the "special needs housing unit" reserved for high-profile inmates (and/or, I suppose, high inmates with a pretty profile) - commences June 5.

P.S.: Paris popped up at Tuesday's Xbox 360 Halo 3 preview bash, where, a friend tells me, "she pulled the celebrity cell-phone trick, where they hold the phone up to their ears so that no one will talk to them because they look like they are on the phone." Paris ultimately scored herself a free 360 with the claim that she's a Halo-holic. " Bulls--t," opines my pal.

Update: Hilton has decided not to appeal her May 4 jail sentence. According to LA Superior Court spokesperson Liz Martinez, the heiress filed an "abandonment of appeal." Let's all pray that no one shanks her to get at her brand-new Xbox 360.