Ricky Gervais Ricky Gervais

If nothing else, Ricky Gervais is a master at upending our expectations. Last year, he drew blood as host-turned-heckler at the Golden Globes, redeeming his lackluster performance of the year before. Returning to the scene of his crime against Hollywood sensitivities, for a third and reputedly final gig, Gervais met the challenge of topping himself by not even trying.

"So, where was I?" he joked, taking the stage Sunday night amid a crescendo of anticipation. A few minutes later, that's what the rest of us were wondering. Where was he?

The targets in his smirkingly off-color but ineffectual monologue couldn't have been more obvious and tired: Kim Kardashian, Eddie Murphy, Jodie Foster's Beaver (a roundabout way to insert a Mel Gibson joke), Justin Bieber — and, in what became something of a running gag, women pooping (thanks, Bridesmaids).

The show seemed to be so determined to live up to its naughty reputation that it choked on its self-awareness. Like this lead balloon of an intro from presenter Gerard Butler, describing the Globes as "the only awards show where the only thing worse than not hearing your name as a nominee is hearing your name from the host." That wouldn't have been funny even if it had been well written or delivered.

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