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"The best episode we have ever done." That's what Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy is calling Thursday's episode of the musical comedy (9/8c on Fox), titled "The Break Up." The episode comes in during a major crossroads moment for several couples on the show. Rachel (Lea Michele) seems to be getting awfully cozy with that hot Ace of Base fan (Oh, Brody) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) is too busy exploring the Vogue couture vault to talk to Blaine (Darren Criss). One couple already bit the dust (RIP Chang Squared) so which couples should we cue the violins for? And which couples will be able to keep holding on? We break it down:

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Finchel (Rachel + Finn)
Why They Won't Make It:
As devastating as their kinda, sorta breakup was at the end of last season when Finn (Cory Monteith) canceled the wedding so Rachel could go to New York, it seems things are about go from bad to worse.  Finn insisted that he and Rachel not talk for two months to give each other "space" — which really gave Rachel plenty of room to get close to fellow NYADA student Brody (Dean Geyer). Rachel went through a life change when she moved to New York and started at the uber competitive NYADA, and while Finn pushed her away, Brody was begging to get closer to her. Who would you choose? In comparison to upper classman Brody, who's experienced it all before, there's only so much Finn can do to understand what she's going through. If Rachel can part with her beloved reindeer sweater, who's to say she won't toss out Finn with yesterday's sheet music?
Why They Will Make It: Lest we forget, it's only because of Finn that Rachel is at NYADA at all. He chose her dream over their being together. What kind of a thank you would that be if Rachel dumped him for a fellow NYADA-er?! More realistically, right now it might seem like a great idea to date another NYADA student and be able to duet together and commiserate over crazed dance teachers, but in the long term, will Rachel really want to have to share the spotlight with her significant other? Show business is cutthroat, and there are only so many gold stars to go around.

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Klaine (Kurt + Blaine)
Why They Won't Make It:
Kurt was no help in picking out Blaine's all-important bow tie for his school debate! Need we say more? But seriously, while Kurt was busy winning over his new boss with his hippo brooches and half-sweaters, he blatantly and unapologetically neglected his longtime love during an important time for Blaine. Kurt switched between half-paying attention to Blaine until he could talk more about Vogue, or not picking up Blaine's phone call at all. Need we remind Kurt that Blaine is a hot commodity, as evidenced by the super-forward Warbler Sebastian (Grant Gustin) last year? That was before Blaine won Student Body President, and everybody loves a man with power.
Why They Will Make It: The upside of Kurt's obsession with his new job is that he literally has no time to look at another man unless he's featured in the pages of Vogue, so there's little chance he would stray like his roomie Rachel did. Also, unlike Finn, who insisted he wanted to find his own path and not follow in Rachel's shadow in New York, Blaine's fate could very well lead him to the bright lights of New York, and more specifically, NYADA, come next fall. As Kurt's first boyfriend after a tumultuous junior year, the emotional significance of Blaine should not be lost on anyone, least of all Kurt, who had to endure a lot of slushies-to-the-face to get to where he is today.

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Brittana (Brittany + Santana)
Why They Won't Make It: Because you can't really scissor a webcam. But seriously, Santana's (Naya Rivera) hectic cheerleading schedule leaves little time for a video-chat session with Brittany (Heather Morris), let alone a weekend visit home, which is what Brittany really needs after her whole Spears-esque breakdown earlier this year. Thankfully, Brittany has a new BFF to lean on in Sam, but Brittany needs something more and she may just decide it's time to see what else is out there.
Why They Will Make It: Like Kurt and Blaine, there's an emotional significance to their relationship that cannot simply be replaced by a new love-interest-of-the-week. Both girls previously dated guys, at least in public, before they decided to take their next step with their friendship, and thanks to that crushing political campaign ad and her cold-hearted abuela, Santana's coming out was especially traumatic and Brittany was there by her side throughout all of it.

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Wemma (Will + Emma)
Why They Won't Make It: His crazy, pregnancy-faking first wife. Her lifelong struggle with OCD. Oh, and that ever-so-brief marriage to Carl the dentist. This will-they-or-won't-they couple have been through the wringer time and time again, and now they face a new obstacle with Will's (Matthew Morrison) possible new gig that will put him on the road and away from Emma (Jayma Mays). They've never been physically apart for very long so who's to say the long-distance job won't be the straw that breaks the couple's back?
Why They Will Make It: If these two can make it through all that, a change of occupation seems like a pretty small blip in comparison. Plus, we're pretty sure Emma has a pamphlet somewhere in her office that will help them through just this sort of thing. If there's any couple that can work their differences, it's the one that includes a guidance counselor, right?

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