Tonight's Gilmore Girls — the first fresh episode since early March — finds Rory and Paris on spring break in Florida. While the WB's promoting this as "Gilmore Girls Gone Wild," it's not nearly as wild as some think. Last week's New York Post promised "the butch Paris" will plant a "Sapphic smooch" on Rory that "ranks with the most shocking" same-sex kisses ever on television. Huh?

Did they screen the same preview tape we did? 'Cause it sure looked to us like Paris kisses Rory for half a sec, just to attract notice from the throng of party boys around them. Willow and Tara, they're not. This sitch is more like the silly JC Chasez song that goes: "Some girls dance with women, knowin' that it brings them attention." But hey, you don't have to take it from us...

"I think the Post story is very silly. They're out of their minds," GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino tells TV Guide Online. "When I read that, I went, 'Seriously?!' For us, it was a playful little joke. There's no tongue, there's no groping. When I [wrote for] Roseanne, they did the big kiss between Roseanne and Mariel Hemingway, and it was about that. This is a joke.

"Rory is this chaste little girl," she adds with a laugh. "She's practically got wings attached to the back of her. To look for the salacious at all on our show, you really gotta look, because we don't do salacious here. It's weird that they would pick up on an innocent kiss between two girls like there's something dirty about it." Diplomatically, she adds: "It wouldn't be dirty if it was two girls who were romantically involved!"

That rightly said, Rory's got boys on the brain as the show heads toward May sweeps. Amid the spring-break festivities, Miss Gilmore gets in touch with ex-boyfriend Dean — which is always awkward, especially since he's married now. "She and Dean are starting to get a little closer," Sherman-Palladino teases. "There's the assumption that his marriage is wrong. Rory thinks they're too young. Everybody thinks they're too young. There's not a lot of hope for intense happiness for a marriage that came out of a rebound, with much too much youth and lack of life experience."

Thus, GG fans can expect Jared Padalecki to return in upcoming episodes as Dean. But don't forget Rory's other ex. Milo Ventimiglia's days as bad boy Jess aren't done just yet. "We're bringing Jess back to finally confront Rory. He's basically been avoiding her; they haven't conversed since he said 'I love you' and got the hell out of Dodge," Sherman-Palladino laughs. "We have to wrap that up, which we will be doing."