As the future of Fox's The X-Files remains up in the air, star Gillian Anderson is making it loud and clear that she wants the show to return next fall for an eighth season.

For one thing, she tells TV Guide Online, she'd like to take another stab at writing and directing an episode. The actress wrote and directed last night's episode, "All Things," which found her Scully character rocked by a spiritual awakening.

"[But] I'm not crazy about writing a script again during the season," says Anderson, who admits it took her more than five months to come up with last night's episode. "On the other hand, I can't imagine directing an episode that wasn't mine, so if I am going to direct again on this show, I would just have to bite the bullet and try to write another one."

The experience of playing taskmaster ? leading man David Duchovny was a model employee, she says ? gave the actress a whole new understanding of what series creator Chris Carter does week in and week out. But she says she still couldn't possibly relate to the tall order currently facing the alien-obsessed auteur: "Chris is in the process of writing the season finale, and we don't know [if we're coming back]. He doesn't know what to write."

"The thought of [taping] two more episodes and that being the end of it is infuriating," she adds. "It hasn't given any of us the opportunity to mourn the ending. And it also hasn't given Fox the chance to advertise the s--- out of it. This could be incredibly lucrative for them [if they] do it correctly, and it tells me that they believe very strongly that there is going to be an eighth season."