Giada de Laurentiis Giada de Laurentiis

Six months after the birth of her first child, Jade, celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis is trying to strike a balance between her hectic work schedule and being a mom.

The petite and popular Food Network star and author of several cookbooks has been working on "not giving up everything that I used to do, and not missing out on anything that my daughter does," reports People magazine.

Her latest show, Giada at Home (debuts Oct. 18, 1 pm/ET on Food Network) and book Giada's Kitchen are keeping this new mommy quite busy. In order to keep afloat, the foodie says, "The food is inspired by my lifestyle – some of the recipes are even shorter than before."

As for whipping up baby food, Giada (which means 'Jade' in Italian) said Jade only began eating solids a week ago because she still doesn't have enough teeth to chew. Giada said playfully, "She's missing teeth and hair. I'm hoping for both of those in the near future."

Our question is, how does Giada make all that mouth-watering food and stay so teeny-tiny?