Ghost Whisperer So the previews made this episode look totally creepy, with the tattooed guy haunting Melinda and taking over Jim's body. Not really so freaky, just another guy looking for forgiveness and trying to make peace with his life before he moves on into the light. He was only creeping around Melinda and Jim so that she would help him communicate with his family and the parents of the man he may or may not have accidentally killed, depending on whether you think the dead dude was telling the truth or not. But the best parts of the entire episodes were early on with Jim in the shower in that rusty water that looked like blood  totally cool in a horror-movie kind of way. (Hey, what do you want: I had just watched Land of the Dead this two-minute spooky shower sequence had nothing on those smart zombies.) Also loved when Melinda was watching horror movies and yelling at the screen. When she was trying to tell the "bimbo" on-screen what to do, it cracked me up, thinking of the cheesy-scary I Know What You Did Last Summer flicks that Ms.

Love Hewitt did before she started talking to spirits. Also, is it weird that a person who is literally plagued by ghosts is freaked out by predictable horror movies?