Ghost Whisperer
OK, they moved
Threshold off of Friday nights and then decided to put on a

Ghost Whisperer that would have actually been a sensible episode to pair it with. Melinda's getting headaches and a slew of sleepless nights from a painful noise that is transmitted electronically. Hmm... a strange alien sound that causes headaches and makes people not seem themselves? Sounds very familiar. But unfortunately no one was possessed or gained superhuman strength or anything like that, just a poor kid who was upset that his now-deceased mom was having an affair and was killed while frolicking in the woods. Oh, and the troublemaking teen who made the mistake of stealing Melinda's SUV: He's just a sensitive kid who doesn't really want to carjack or set fire to houses or destroy electronic stores, he's just angry and gay and doesn't know how to tell his father. Melinda should really rethink the whole shop-owner thing though she actually did have customers in the store this week and get a degree in social work because it seems better suited for her. And welcome back Christine Baranski as Jim's mom  she should stop in for more visits.