It's getting pretty impressive here, folks. So far we've seen Lake Bell in bikinis, wet T-shirts, cutesy waitress short shorts, and now we've got her jumping into the ocean sporting nothing but her Victoria's not-so-Secrets. There was so much focus on Dr. Laura's bodacious boobs this week, I kept forgetting to pay attention to the thousand-and-one plotlines because all I could think was, am I too young to need a mammogram? Sweeps has begun, ladies and gentlemen. Her Buxomness and Crazy-Eyed Rich enlist good-natured conspiracy theorist Jackson to help them get to a safe house somewhere off the grid and when I say safe house, I mean deserted beachfront shanty. Gee, what a perfect spot to sit like ducks until the government goons hunt you down! Or, as it turns out, to build your own makeshift deep-submergence vehicle. Because that's gonna end well.

Meanwhile, Miles and Phil go all Thelma & Louise in a stolen pizza-delivery car, only with less grrrl power and more setting free of beloved-yet-deadly CGI beasties. Well, great there goes the heart and soul of this damn show. I hope we see you again, little Nimrod, 'cause I'm pretty sure Miles isn't stepping a single foot out of that water until you come back. Poor kid's gonna get all pruney.

Do you ever feel like they're delivering dialogue solely for the purpose of explaining the plot in a future "previously on"? "The answer to what happened to my brother is down that hole." Stop reminding us of what already happened and start figuring some of this stuff out already! I can't gaze at Ms. Bell's assets forever, you know.