Is Amy Desmond's mother, Brother? Is Amy Desmond's mother, Brother?

ABC's Lost might take a holiday, but not's "Getting Lost" video series.

In this week's entry, I invite Lost superfan Sean Olesiuk (of to offer an in-depth analysis of the giant (and presumably four-toed) statue glimpsed in "LaFleur." Might this oversized Egyptian icon have some relevancy to the island's obsession with children?

Speaking of kids, I got a tremendous response to last week's Burning Question: "Who is the special someone that Amy gave birth to in 1977?" I rattle off your Top 4 answers — one of which, I can tell you, is correct.

This week's Getting Lost then throws a new question your way, regarding two newcomers — at least one of whom seems to have an agenda.

Coming next week: Scoop from two key players in the current goings-on.