Is The George Lopez Show poised to become the next Seinfeld? Well, of course not, but Constance Marie — who plays Lopez matriarch Angie — says her ABC comedy does share one thing in common with the late, great Peacock phenom: Both shows got very little love from critics when they premiered.

"Seinfeld supposedly sucked when it came out," she tells TV Guide Online. "Nobody liked it and it got bad reviews." As a result, when Lopez debuted last March to mostly negative notices, Marie hardly saw it as a sign that she should start updating her resumé. (Neither, apparently did ABC: The show returns for its second season on Oct. 2.)

"I've been on shows that the critics loved that tanked and shows that sucked that [did well] — so, who's right?," she muses. "I don't care what the critics say at this point. They don't pay my rent."

If Marie sounds a little frustrated by the TV biz, cut her some slack. The onetime Santa Barbara heroine has starred in her fair share of small-screen flops. (Remember that Dirty Dancing spinoff? How about that laugh-deprived NBC sitcom Union Square? Exactly.) But as the old adage goes, when it rains in Hollywood, it downpours. In addition to her Lopez duties, the actress also moonlights on PBS's Latino drama American Family, which just got picked up for a second season as well.

And best of all for the Southern California native, Lopez and Family don't reinforce the same old tired stereotypes about Hispanics. "As a Latina growing up in Los Angeles, I never saw shows like this on TV," she says. "I can actually relate to these people. They don't all have heavy thick accents, and they didn't all swim across the border."