Constance Towers Constance Towers

Will General Hospital ever put an end to the 30-year feud between the Spencers and the Cassadines? Lord, let's hope not! The classy, fab-tastic Constance Towers returns to the soap June 30 as demon widow Helena Cassadine who, when last seen, had messed with the DNA tests of baby Aiden to make it seem he's a Cassadine when, in fact, he's a Spencer.

"Helena is back doing what she does best — pitting people against each other and ruining lives," says Towers, who took over the lip-smacking role in 1997. (Elizabeth Taylor was the first Helena in 1981.) Though Aiden's true parentage has since been revealed — or so we think! — no one in Port Chuck can pin the switcheroo on Helena. And now she's blaming the whole thing on Liz, the baby's mother!

"Helena is intent on keeping the mystery going," Towers says. "She taunts Lucky that he won't really know if he's Aiden's father for another 20 years and that only blood, and time, will tell. She says, 'If the child grows up to be noble and charismatic, he's a Cassadine. If he's a whiskey drinker or drug addict who puts his faith in tramps destined to disappoint him, then he's a Spencer.' It's wonderfully delicious stuff!"

Of course, this being Helena, it all ends with a threat. "She hints that Lucky might not even have Aiden for 20 years," says Towers. "It leaves the door open for a potential kidnapping, which I love!"

The popular badass returns again mid-July, only this time she'll be seen on her private Greek island. "Luke's daughter Lulu shows up there, which makes me think there might be more of those great psycho-sexual encounters coming up between Luke and Helena," Towers says. "Those are such fun to play!"

But, truth be told, the actress is hoping for an even juicier hookup. "Wouldn't it be great if Helena married Edward Quartermaine?" asks Towers with a laugh. "That would put her in the same family with Luke. She'd basically be his stepmother. Can you imagine that Thanksgiving dinner?"

Hey, it could happen. Word is, the soap' s newly installed head writer Garin Wolf — who wrote most of Towers' best material during the Bob Guza regime — has major plans for Madame Cassadine!

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