Johnny Galecki now has two gay roles under his belt — 1998's The Opposite of Sex and the soon-to-be-released

Bounce. But the former Roseanne star says he's not a bit worried about getting typecast.

"I'd played the same character on TV for five years (Roseanne's David Healy), so I wasn't concerned about playing two consecutive gay characters," the 25-year-old actor tells The Advocate. "They [are] well-written and very different gay characters. There were more interesting aspects to the characters than their sexuality. In Bounce, it didn't come into it at all."

Bounce writer-director Don Roos tells the magazine that he actually hesitated in calling in Galecki for the role of the meddling office assistant because he didn't want to ask the actor — who is heterosexual — to play gay twice. "I held off. I was being protective and a little homophobic," says the openly gay Roos, who also helmed The Opposite of Sex. "It's kind of shameful to admit that.

"But finally I thought, I don't care if it ruins his career," he adds with a laugh.

The critically acclaimed writer/director admits that he personally never encountered any homophobia in Hollywood. "If you're the flavor of the month, they don't really care about your sexuality," he says. "Coming out only hurts leading men, I feel. I think the audience finds it a distracting piece of information.

"When they think of gay men, they think of the sex act," continues Roos. "It isn't so hard for women. People just think of lesbians playing golf and putting up shelves."