Gal Gadot's turn as the host of Saturday Night Live took fans right back to Themyscira, the home of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman... but the trip to the tropical paradise was a disappointment for the island's newest visitors.

The skit featured Diana and her fellow Themyscirans practicing their swordplay on the shore just as a pair of women (played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant) who've been stranded at sea arrive in their dinghy in hopes of encountering some new romantic prospects. Unfortunately for the gals, the all-female island wasn't the lesbian paradise they had imagined. They quickly learned that neither Diana nor any of the other women in her battle crew are attracted to women.

But ever one with an open mind, Diana did decide to test the waters by planting one on McKinnon. Alas, it's to no avail, as she felt nothing afterward, and the ladies left the island disappointed.

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