Lights Out Lights Out

Lights Out just wasn't able to get up off the canvas: FX announced Thursday that it was counting out the boxing drama.

The show debuted in January to a modest 1.5 million viewers and quickly fell below 1 million. Although the numbers eventually improved, its season average was 863,000 total viewers per episode, numbers akin to those of FX's recently canceled private detective drama, Terriers.

Will Lights Out be another Terriers for FX?

At the time of Lights Out's weak premiere, FX President John Landgraf noted the disconnect between critical acclaim and commercial appeal. He noted, however, that the shaky starts of Terriers and Lights Out would not deter him from developing what he believes to be quality programming.

"We just have to raise our game," Landgraf said in January. "You'd think after the failure of Terriers from a commercial standpoint and the weak debut of Lights Out ... that we'd be discouraged. ... I'm actually really excited because it's a tougher environment. You've got to jump higher, got to jump further and you've got to work hard to find some kind of creative excellence with commercial noisiness."

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