Get ready for some fabulous Hollywood gossip if Rosemary Harris ever sits down to write her autobiography. She's shared stage and screen with Elizabeth Taylor, Meryl Streep, Richard Burton and Ralph Fiennes ? and she'll gladly dish about them! For instance, she tells TV Guide Online that she was careful to remain "just friends" with Burton.

"I loved him dearly. He was the sweetest, kindest and most generous man. When I heard I was to play opposite him, my heart [jumped]. I didn't want anything to muddle that up. If you've had a lover's quarrel offstage, how can you come together and play Desdemona and Othello?"

Harris and Taylor, meanwhile, co-starred in Beau Brummell. "Elizabeth used to very sweetly take me home in her car at night. I remember going to the Dorchester Hotel and the babies were in the bath and I'd help bathe them. I had a little dog that I took everywhere and he stole one of the children's bath sponges and she said, 'You better have this now because your dog slobbered all over it!' I took it home as a trophy. She was wonderful. That woman was the most beautiful woman in the world, and still is."

The 72-year-old Harris, whose first performance was at age 4, isn't hard on the eyes herself. "[For my first role] I played a queen. I knew if I knew I was a queen, they'd know I was a queen ? and the power of that never left me."