Fringe Fringe

Among the many surprises of Thursday's season premiere of Fringe: Blair Brown's Nina Sharp and Lance Reddick's Phillip Broyles kissed!

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"Neither Lance nor I saw it coming either," Brown tells "It was great." Reddick adds, "Blair's a good kisser. What can I say?"

While the liplock might seem to have come out of left field, Reddick says he always thought that the characters might have shared a romantic past. "I haven't really talked to the writers about the specifics of my relationship with Nina before this kiss happens," he says. "Pretty much from the second or third episode [of the first season], I had always inferred that Nina and Broyles had some kind of romantic involvement in the distant past. That's kind of what I always played as part of the subtext." Reddick also points out that Nina is the only character who calls Broyles by his first name.

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