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Walternate is a good guy in this timeline, Broyles is working with the biggest bad of them all, and Olivia has to die. These are just a few of the new monkeywrenches Fringe threw at us in its midseason return last week, which saw Peter cross over to the alternate universe in hopes of enlisting Walternate's help in rebuilding the machine. Can Peter really trust the man who nearly destroyed his universe in his timeline? We turned to Fringe star Joshua Jackson to get the scoop: 

Fringe's Joshua Jackson: Peter throws a Hail Mary pass by contacting Walternate

Can Peter really trust Walternate (John Noble)?
I would say fully trusting Walternate would be a bad choice. His motivations in this universe are totally different, because their war in the original universe was born out of his righteous anger over his son being kidnapped. So that's not really where he's coming from now. At the same time, he's still an extremely smart, calculating man who really has his own agenda. It just so happens that Peter fits into his agenda and they're working together as such to satisfy both of their agendas. But I think if Walternate really needed something and really had to sell Peter down the river to get it, I think he probably would.

The Observer told Olivia (Anna Torv) that she must die. Does that mean she must die for Peter to get back to his timeline?
I feel like they're just ridiculously ambiguous. Because the answer to that riddle is, of course, Olivia must die in every timeline because everybody has to die. I know that it plays out in future episodes and it becomes quite heavily a part of two episodes that we just actually finished shooting.  But never take anything that they say at face value.

Will Peter try to save this Olivia?
Peter will always try to save Olivia. I mean, whether or not it's his Olivia, per say, or whether it's his timeline, there's no way that he could turn his back on her if she were in jeopardy. The end of last season was the highest romantic gesture that you could ever have made. He chose to end his existence so that the people that he loved could survive. I think given that that's now a part of who he is, I don't think there's any way that he would be able to turn his back on this Olivia or any other Olivia for that matter.

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It turns out other-universe Broyles (Lance Reddick) is working with big bad villain David Robert Jones (Jared Harris). How will both universes deal with that?
Actually it goes even deeper. There's a whole other layer of bad that's about to be revealed. We've taken a lot of criticism this year for the sort of reset and the new timeline, but it has allowed us to do some really interesting things. One of them is changing the alliances of the characters that we know, and while their core Peter/Walter/Olivia dynamic is different, but not that different, all the alliances around them have completely changed. You are going to have this really new version of a character that you've come to know and respect in one direction, and you blow that character up and you take him in a completely other direction. Of course, it has repercussions inside the story.

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