Jennifer Aniston's rep for being one of Hollywood's sweetest, most down-to-earth actresses apparently is no joke. According to Eddie McClintock, who appears in tonight's one-hour Friends season finale as Phoebe's (Lisa Kudrow) new flame, not even childbirth can turn Mrs. Brad Pitt into a brat.

"She really went out of her way to be nice to me," he tells TV Guide Online. "Even though we didn't work together, she made a point of coming over and saying 'Hi.' She'd actually say, 'Hi Eddie,' which was a big thing because that means she remembers. She took time enough to remember my name instead of just, 'Oh, there's that guy, one of 10,000 guest stars that we've had.'"

As it turns out, Aniston was smart to give McClintock VIP treatment: The actor — a familiar face who has appeared on Sex and the City, Spin City and Felicity — is expected back next season. "They wanted me to do three [more] episodes," he reveals. "I think [Kudrow] and I could do some really funny stuff."

This evening, McClintock's character, Clifford, encounters Phoebe at the hospital in the midst of all the delivery drama. "He has a broken leg and she's there for the birth of Rachel's baby," he previews. "We bump into each other on the elevator and... hilarity ensues. Basically, that's all I can tell you."