Rumors are rampant that Dawson's Creek babe Katie Holmes is in talks to appear in four episodes of Friends later this season playing a youngster with a connection to Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) who ends up falling for Ross (David Schwimmer). But the actress shouldn't bid Dawson and Pacey adieu just yet...

"That's news to me," responds an NBC spokesperson. "But maybe Warner Bros. would know and they just haven't shared yet." Actually, a rep for the studio behind the sitcom also was in the dark about any such development. "I have not heard that at all," she says.

Holmes's publicist, Leslie Sloane, was equally unaware of such negotiations. "If anything, Katie's got a movie in the works, so that doesn't make sense," says Sloane, referring to the Edward Zwick-directed Abandoned, in which the actress will play a college student beset by visions of an old boyfriend.

Sloane points out, however, that Holmes — whose roles in such teen-oriented fright flicks as Teaching Mrs. Tingle and Disturbing Behavior have led some to label her the new "Scream Queen" — is tackling weightier material with Abandoned. "It's not a horror movie, it's a dramatic thriller," she insists. "Yes, there's death, but it's definitely not 'Scream Queen-esque.'"