Claiming that a double standard has allowed Antonella Barba to remain in the current competition, despite having posed for racy photos that have surfaced online, disgraced American Idol alum Frenchie Davis is calling on the überpopular reality series to "come to the table and see what we can do to make up" for her own 2003 booting. Davis tells the Associated Press that while a public apology from Idol would be "a great start," she feels she is owed more "for the manner in which I was humiliated" and ousted from the contest when topless photos of herself came to the fore.

Though Davis doesn't necessarily think that racism is at play here, others do. Civil-rights activist Najee Ali (of Project Islamic H.O.P.E.), for one, objects "to having one rule for black contestants, and a different rule for whites who exhibit the same behavior." "Same behavior," in this particular reference, not meaning Barba's thin, pitchy singing.

UPDATE: Girls Gone Wild autuer Joe Francis has offered Antonella Barba $250,000 to be the video series' latest celebrity host, deeming her "an unbelievably sexy girl who obviously knows how to have a good time." But how does she look in Mardi Gras beads?