Fred Durst, Britney Spears Fred Durst, Britney Spears

Fred Durst says he isn't a liar, but Britney Spears might be.

Six years after Durst first said he had a fling with the pop princess —which she vehemently denied — the Limp Bizkit frontman insists the two were indeed a couple.

"It just became a fiasco of madness," he tells MTV. "[But] I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did and my intentions, and I am in no way a liar."

The "fiasco" all started when Durst penned a few songs for Spears' album in 2003, he said. He later told fans the singer "happens to be a person that I [wouldn't] have thought could make me feel this way."  Spears denied a romance and a he-said, she-said battle ensued.

Durst says he holds no grudges against Spears. He blames the onset of Spears' later erratic behavior.

"I look back on it as very interesting [in terms of] how things have been sort of unraveling for her since," he says. "[But] it is what it is. I can sleep at night knowing I made decisions that I wanted to make. [Still], I'm a supporter. I was then, I guess I am now."

He adds: "I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her."