Freaky Eaters Freaky Eaters

When we interviewed Freaky Eaters' nutritionist JJ Virgin at the start of the show's second season, she told us, "People tune in for the freak factor." If you want to know what she means, look no further than the video below that TLC put together in advance of Sunday's two-part season finale (airing at 10/9c). It's a corn-starch chewing, maple syrup-dousing, food-regurgitating orgasm of tartar sauce. Or something!

Freaky Eaters co-host: "When having seconds is not enough"

The show, of course, is deeper then the freakiness: Virgin and Dr. Mike Dow are devoted to helping these people get past their destructive eating habits, and you see that much in the later part of this video. But if the freakiness is what lures people in, the video below is filled with so many hooks it might as well have been crocheted.

(Also, it's pretty hardcore and potentially repellant. A lot of layers in this one.)