Producers of Frasier are fuming over a report by the gay media watchdog group GLAAD that claims controversial yakker Dr. Laura Schlessinger successfully pressured Paramount to pull from syndication a repeat of the show that parodied her. (Paramount produces Schlessinger's struggling talk show as well as Frasier). The episode — which last aired on Dec. 2, 1999 — featured Christine Baranski as Dr. Nora, an obnoxious and outspoken radio host. "Every other episode in that season has aired three or four times [in syndication]," Frasier co-creator/executive producer David Lee told the New York Post. "But 'Dr. Nora' was completely missing each time. My partners and I are royally peeved." Paramount is denying the charge, insisting that the episode will air again in syndication in February. — Michael Ausiello